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West Chester, PA

Get to Know West Chester

Welcome to East Coast Mini Donuts - West Chester! We are the Stone family, who are two sets of brothers and sisters who happen to be Aunt and Uncle and Niece and Nephew. Whenever you step up to the truck, you can be sure that someone from the family will be greeting you and making you a delicious treat! Our family supports each other and everyone takes a turn working the truck. We are passionate about family, business, sports (Go Birds!), and making sure we provide a great customer experiences.

Born and raised in Delco, the first set of the brother and sister team is Lauretta and Rob. This is the first time Lauretta and Rob worked with each other, but Lauretta has been in previous business with her dad and niece, Danielle, who you will meet shortly.

Lauretta is a mother of two boys and grandmother of a boy and girl. She tells everyone that she much prefers her grandchildren to her sons! Lauretta went to high school at Archbishop Prendergast, college at Rosemont, and masters at Drexel. Lauretta loves the Philly area and sees no reason to go anywhere else. Lauretta's son and daughter-in-law are on the donut truck almost every weekend.

Rob grew up in Folcroft and went to St. James High School and has a passion to give back to the community. Rob has two daughters and he also thinks his grandsons and granddaughter are the best part of his life. Rob is currently a police officer for Dickinson College and is our truck support!

Danielle and Ryan is the other set of brother and sister. Both of them grew up in Springfield and went to Springfield High School.

Danielle has the entrepreneurial spirit in her blood. Danielle strives to be successful and provide a great customer experience. Danielle enjoys sports, going to the gym, and on any given Saturday, you will find her on the truck with her beautiful daughter "helping" make the donuts.

Ryan is Danielle's youngest brother and has always beens the busiest person in the family. Ryan received his business degree from Penn State, but his passion is in theater. Ryan has directed many high school plays, starred and directed shows in community theater, and is a strong supporter of Children's theater. Ryan is involved in the Rotary Club and takes his civic duty seriously.

Stop by our donut truck at our next event and say hi to the family! 

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